Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Revolving Door

Since you had heard last my fav crazed Fox Terrier MAKO was still with us. Apparently he liked it with us so much his behavior improved dramatically. So much that he was now able to go down below to the play ayrds with the rest of the kids without barking his head off the entire time and we could even put a dog NEXT to him with out incident....usually. Our boy had planted himself there so it seems. It had been 7 months so far and not more than 1 or 2 showings with him the entire time. My fears had started to bubble to the front of my psyche that this place would start to get to him and he would go down hill rapidly. So I decided to have the chat with him. The same chat that I had with SHAQ ATTACK. I told him he couldn't stay here, that this wasn't home and that a better place was waiting for him and if he stayed here to long odds were against him and more towards insanity and the green mile. I asked him to call his people to him. I don't know what happened but two days later MAKO had 2 families very interested in him! I didn't get to do either of the showings but since I have spent the most time with him I butted in to make sure they understood that even though he is high energy, prey driven, dog reactive and seemingly aloof he is also a really loving, chill and obedient sweetie. Both families left and one came back with dad to meet. When I returned from my days off I came in to hear MAKO had been adopted and was going home in a day or two. I got to say goodbye YEA! I don't know if he broke the record for being at the shelter the longest but it had to be close. My heart broke a little seeing him leave as I will miss his sweet face and seeing the excitement that arises in him when he sees me enter his kennel but am more happy for him that he will finally be in a home with constant love and attention AND a yard he will be allowed to dig for gophers.

BOON our sweet Pitty has an interesting chapter in his story. BOON came back to us because his owner said he was chewing (uh ya that's what pittys do when they are bored) to much stuff in the home. We don't get a lot of people through our shelter looking for those breeds so there was some worry BOON would be here a long time again. Well fortunately the couple who took care of BOON when mom was away, fell in love with him and actually moved FOR him. They were not in a place they could have a Pit Bull and moved so they could adopt him. They picked him up yesterday and he was only in the shelter a couple weeks. At least these people know what a muzzle puncher he is and are aware of his needs and bad habits and are still willing to take him on. Bless them and sweet BOON.

CLOUDY was still with us last check in and well she is AGAIN. She went home with a lovely woman who had a little Yorkie and a cat at home. CLOUDY was Perfect except that she was a love hog. Love hogs are those who refuse to share their human with anyone else, Well jeez I can't blame her for getting mad her person was "cheating" on her. I guess I could be called a love hog too then, How about you? ;]. The woman's cat is old and sickly and needs her to give it shots etc and CLOUDY refused to let that happen and the woman felt horrible but the cat needed more than CLOUDY would allow and she came back to us. I'm hoping our little blue eyed chihoo will not be with us as long as she was the last time though I do love to seeing how happy she gets when she sees me and decides to claim my lap as her own.

We had a little fund raiser for our girl OONA who is blowing snot rockets all over the place. She needed an expensive test to scope her passageways to see if there are blockages or tumors and whatnot. After all the hubbabaloo they feel it is some kind of allery or reaction-her passageways were clear. Yea she's just a snotty kid! Her adopter decided that no cure for snot rockets was not in her plan and backed out of taking OONA home. Poor OONA is back up for adoption. It's just snot, it washes off and it's not like it's nasty green stuff so hopefully there is someone out there who doesn't mind carrying a hanky around for their snotty loved one.

Another return was our sweet old Jack Lelane named WINNER. He's not feeling like such a winner at the moment I'm sure. The elderly couple that took WINNER called up freaked out because he likes to eat the dead critters on the path when they take him for walks (yep that's the only reason). How about keeping him on leash and not letting him get to them!? or quit taking him to the land fill for his walks. I mean where are you taking the dog that there are all these different dead creatures around!? Are you living near a nuclear waste site or something? If so you have bigger problems than him eating dead skunks with 6 legs. Needless to say he is back with is and if that wasn't bad enough our little man some how contracted ring worm and is now in isolation to keep him from spreading it! My poor sweetie is back there in a smaller kennel with hardly anyone to love on him. I hate it. I sit with him in a surgical gown so I don't get to much hair on me and he is so needy and just keeps jumping on you for more love. JM takes him for walks when we are slow so he's not totally neglected but most others are understandably concerned with getting it or passing the ring worm to their own pets. My poor Monkey, her mama throws caution to the wind and says she'll just have to suck it up and keep trucking if I bring her home some mange or fungus or a cold. :) The others need lovins to much to worry about that stuff. Thanks for being a caregiver after my own heart JM!

Little miss GATOR got herself a home as well with the crocodile hunter, no not really. Just a nice couple who liker her spazzyness and thought she was to cute to care about her gator like behavior. She is a cute little ankle biter.

BUBWA also went home to a couple with 2 Shelties which I am told are similar in behavior to the Pomeranians (go figure). Her other dogs are well behaved and we are told he is doing really well with socialization and them teaching him it's ok to be around people. We even got some pictures of him out at a park with tons of people just chilling on the grass.

They come in, they go out, they come in again, and sometimes again.

Just want to ask for some healing energy for another fav of mine named WASSAIL. She's a scrawny wire haired precious innocent munchkin of a Terrier that has a tiny liver and her blood work is all wacked out. Her adopters backed out after hearing about her issues and they claim with meds she could live a year but there would be extensive tests needing to be done to see if surgery would even be helpful for her so I don't know where that leaves her. I hate the idea of her last days being in a shelter. She is SOOO sweet and precious..I still think so even after she launched herself at JM's big Shepard for just sniffing her to much I guess. Heh heh. GOOD GIRL! DB is big hearted and MAY take little mis WASSAIL home to live out her last days there if the rest of her clan would allow it. I hope so. She is a good girl and deserves some happy comfortable last days. I love her. Thanks tuning in and for your well wishes for all our sweet ones at the shelter.