Friday, September 4, 2009

My Sweet Fearful One

So we have a great program that helps people who need some help getting back on track in life and we will take care of their pet for a set amount of time, usually not more than 3 months. Our newest ASP resident is Goshley. A beautiful tan and white big pink mouthed 9 month old jug head of a Pitty. He's my sweet, loveable, goofy, bull in a china shop. He LOVES the pool, belly rubs, trying endlessly to carry that giant hard plastic blue ball in his mouth, attempting to eat a few of our staff members, and can catch a tennis ball mid air better than any Border Collie I've ever seen. I tried to just slip that one past. Unfortunately my sweetness is what I would call a fear aggressor. He tells many of the staffers he would like to eat them for lunch and makes no bones about letting you know LOUD and clear. He will jump up on the kennel gate bark and growl at almost everyone who passes by, often with dialated eyes which means Trouble Run For Cover. Now I was fortunate enough to be the first to meet him while he was still with his "Mama". She intro'd us and because she thought I was cool I believe he accepted me as cool. We have been chums from then on (oh except for that one time I just poked a finger through the kennel and he snapped at it like a hungry gator-he seems to have this thing about fingers through the gate).Itake him out to play in the baby pool we have and let him play like a seal by pushing the ball all around the yard with his nose. Unexpectedly he turned mean on a staffer who he allowed into his kennel with him to give him the kong I made for him and without knowing what the reason he suddenly started to growl at her and bark and she barely had a chance to get out and close the door. Still don't know why. I'll tell you, this big boy would make you soil your pants if he even LOOKED at you and didn't like you. So far he's my big daddy and we are on lovey terms. The problem is that he shows himself to come forward even though he's afraid. Fear with assertiveness is NOT a good thing. He's a smart boy but if he doesn't get more training, especially in socialization he can easily become a menace. Sadly, the circumstances are such that it makes it very difficult to do that work in a shelter. I don't think all hope is lost on him. He really does have all the qualities I mentioned. Unfortunatley fear arises in many forms. Hjust happens to be quite fearful and has a harm you before you harm me reaction to his fear. I adore him but never underestimate his ability to be triggered by unforseeable things. Stay aware, careful and compassionate.
I little lovely update -all my previously discussed babies have of course all gotten forever homes! Yea! Shaq Attack will be next!

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