Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They come, They go, sometimes they come back

It's been awhile I know and apologize..holidays sickness and days off but back we are.
The best news is that one of our long termers Marjorie who is deaf and a little booger with many other dogs, got adopted! Interesting thing about this adoption is she was adopted by a partially deaf woman and her children know how to sign. It was so cute when she asked us if we had a sign for Marjorie's name. No we didn't but she had other signs that she knows. So cool to have a family who can relate to little Marjorie's disability. I know she will be greatly taken care of.

We recently had a few returns of our animals. People will return pets for many different reasons. Sometimes they become ill or they decide the animal is 'too much" or they move or the animals shows behaviours that no longer are workable in the home. It's sad to see them returned but knowing they are back where we can find another good home is a relief. We have one named Coraline who is a beautiful Husky x who came back to us and she seems to be doing much better with us this time around. She used to shred her bedding and jump constantly but now she is a little lady. She is so pretty with her one brown eye and one blue eye and she will just sprawl out next to you and lift her leg showing her belly for you to rub it. Her forever home is on it's way and even when the animals come back to us we can say that at least they got a nice vaca away from the shelter.

Another of our returns is a Beautiful Lab x Lady. She is something else! She is a fence jumper/climber is not very nice to other dogs and has the energy of 20 energizer bunnies. She is a toughie since she has always barked at children which she seems to have some fear and dislike of and now is barking at random people. Now when I say bark I don't mean the usual "hey over here me me me pick me come pet me" kind of bark. This is more of a "hey you, you come closer I'm gonna turn a finger into a chewstick" kind of bark. Miss Lady is beautiful sweet smart and energetic and since she is not dog friendly it is going to have to be a special home that she goes to. We will surely do all we can to keep her sane and happy until her right home comes along.

I got to take Lady off site for a nice 30 min walk. She LOVES to sniff and did very well walking after she burns a little energy but given the chance she will run you until you drop...I think I may need to use a dog pack on her. Dog packs are great for those dogs who may have more energy than you. By using a dog pack the animal has to work harder with the pack on when weights are in it and will tire a little sooner than without it. After our walk I took her into the quiet room to settle down on the couch with me. What did our little dominatrix do? she gets up on the couch with me and no she didn't lay down and get all snuggley, she sits right on my lap. Guess she didn't want me going anywhere without her or she was telling me in dog language that SHE was the queen. I prefer to believe in the first idea. :) she is a sweet kissy girl with those she loves.

Then we have our current longest resident Boobahla. Another high high energy female lab mix who reminds me of a lioness. She is the same color as a lioness but is brindle (black lined markings)and she has the same strut as a lioness creeping through the grass waiting to take down a caribou...oh well for her maybe it would be more like a terrier she's looking to take down but trust me she could take down a caribou too if she wanted. She is sleek and stealthy and can be brutal yet a big ball of mush with people, but know she can be just as tough as a lioness. Right now Boobahla can only play with Coraline (who plays just as rough) and a foster Pitbull we have and she beats the crap out of him. She will always try and go for his arms but he is quick enough to tuck his arm and drop to his shoulder every time she goes to bite at it. Boobahla then just reverts to grabbing him by the ears and pulling as hard as she can. She's a bully with dogs but a sweet one with humans. She can jump almost to the top of her door when she is over excited and has to wait until she is on all fours before she can come out to play, if you don't then you will get mauled by paws and kisses. We always try and teach some manners here at the shelter as well. Having playmates is a huge help for dogs of her caliber and she gets her bully stick and rawhide everyday (since she plows through them like they were made of taffy) and that helps divert some of that unexpended energy as well. Keep your fingers crossed

We have a new bunch of kids that came in this week and one who stands out already is a sweet clingy VOCAL Border Collie, and as a fellow staffer stated, he's like Macgyver. His name is Jokester..which suits him pretty well. He jumped out of his play yard several times. One might think off he goes trying to escape but our sweet needy little man just wanted to be next to a human and he would walk right next to you when you walked him back to where he was supposed to be. We have a few totally enclosed play yards for our escapees and one of them has about a 6" gap between the gate door and the covered ceiling. Houdini which is really what he should be called, escaped from THAT ONE more than once. Now this dog in not a small 20 pounder he is a regular sized Border Collie! and how this desperate fella escaped from there is beyond all of us. Therefore we moved our slick willy to the other covered yard that has NO gap. Fortunately he has yet to reappear somewhere else with the gate still locked. :)

I'll update as new fun info arises.
Thanks for reading and be good to your animals!

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