Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back from hell

So my little love muffin Coolio a Che-hoo and pug mix with the most adorable under bite with 2 yellow fangs you have ever seen is back AGAIN! Returned the second time because he was to much of a couch potato and liked treats to much! All this coming from 2 overweight elderly people who don't believe in giving treats. You can tell as soon as you meet him that he is shy and mellow and is easily bribed with treats. He's the kind of pooch who lets you do anything to him. He leans his feace towards yours when giving him kisses and leans in when you are stroking his chin and the bridge of his nose all the while with his little tail tucked under. He's one of our sweet "Nervous Nellies"So my poor boy has gotten the shaft again. No worries, he gets my love until we find him the right home who will treat him like the prince he is.

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