Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hangin' In The Office

Today, since I'm temporarily stuck doing office work until I'm better I asked to have little Coolio with me. I put him in my lap since he fits :) and he spotted the hamster on the counter. and He stopped dead. All he did was WATCH it. No whining, barking, growling. freezing or lunging. Just.....watching. Just in case I was reading him wrong and he was just contemplating his snatch and swallow plan we went to the front office. Little man has excellent smelling skills and will scavange everything there is within reach of his short little legs. He came up and found some old dry food from the previous day on the floor, found Garcia's rejected rawhide, snarfed that down and then came staring at me with those big sad eyes asking for some of my cake. Well how could I deny that face? Of course he got a tiny taste of frosting and then some real doggie yum yums. He decided he needed to be close to me so he had me pull a chair up to mine and he curled up on it next to me happy as a clam. Don't let that calm demeanor fool ya. when he's protected by a wall or a fence or something else he's barking to let the other dog's know he's the stuff round here which is like the insecure tough guy acting all bold really because he doesn't want you to know they are really vulnerable, but I can't tell ya how many of our staff adore him. How could you not think he's adorable with that underbite with those two stained canines jutting up like a little boar and those eyes always looking as if saying "don't hurt, me please love me" plus little man has heartworm so OF COURSE he's a bit more of a couch potato. I'd call him a pugchihoo. Even with all his lovliness, once the farting started from all those treats, it was time for a different sweetie to have some time in front with me.

Stress=deterioration (Same with dogs as humans)
Here in the shelter, because it is one of the most, if not THE most, stressful situation for a dog to be in, it can only mean they all deteriorate a portion every day. With constant arousal, little rest because of the constant arousal, toxic brain chemicals being produced as a result of the previous, a lacking in quantity of attention, routine, stability, consistantcy, space and even love, compared to living in a home they are stressed for the most part of their day. They will all deteriorate at different rates with different signs and severities but it is always happening. Believing that the more signs shown the more likely the animal is closer to suffering the goal is to watch for signs and work a little more with them to get them back to their Happy Place so as to be able to live comfortably here until their forever home comes along.
With That, in comes Dezaroo. What a Happy Happy Happy Happy girl she is. She for the most part a typical Labby. She LOVES people. in fact, here she is pretty stressed without them. She barks consistantly in her kennel unless someone is with her and only if she knows you are going to spend some time with her. Happily she chases and retrieves toys in the Recess Time yards but only if you are with her. She's a little...we'll say Rubenesque but when she sits with a paw up for treats you just can't help but give her one. It multitalented by scratching her back while getting a belly rub. Gotta childproof the place because she will clear a coffee table with her Happy Tail.
When it pertains to other dogs, here, ole girl is the Mae West of this place. This is her domain while she is here and no matter if you be a stud or a filly she will gladly put you in your place should she feel the need to. Just like when Black Bart came to town. Now, NOBODY liked Black Bart. There was just something about him. just a black herding x. He was quiet but a sort of creepy kind of quiet yet I, along with few others saw the other something in him and adored him, but all the dogs made it known he was not welcome. Well our Mae West Dezaroo got out just as I was walking Black Bart back to his bedroom. She came barreling right for him and showed him who's boss. She got him right by the tail and and a couple shots on the kiester but finally someone had to grab miss sniveling snarling white hot ball of canine terror by her tail to get her off poor Black Bart who probably would have pissed his chaps had he had any on. Even with her being in the middle of an extremely high arousal state she never turned to redirect her energy. I was quite proud of her for that. Like I said before, she's a people lover. Today she was instantly relieved to be up front. Found herself a chewie and settled down on her blankie for the majority of her time with us. Other than when one of us is going up to her and grabbing her head and kissing her and telling her how sweet or how loved she is. She is only happy in a quieter place here and with people.... any people. We will keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she's not getting worse.

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